The dream is a holographic picture of the dynamics playing out in one’s life. It is completely unique to the individual and it can suggest an entirely personal resolution to one’s inner and outer dilemmas. Entering a dream is like stepping down into the cave of the psyche where the contents are unknown to us. The dream emerges from the unmanifested realm, uncensored and without the constraints of moral bias.
Dreams evolve with us. When looking at dreams and their characters with fresh eyes we can see the potentials that are trying to emerge in our lives, the fears and the beliefs that we are carrying and what kinds of changes might encourage a shift into a larger, more unfettered way being.
Using the dream as correspondence between ourselves and our inner most self provides a vehicle for a deeply creative and resourceful life. An unscripted and unconditioned life waiting to be discovered.

I offer mentoring by phone and in person to address the personal challenges of embodiment and often use the dreamworld for its unbiased and uncensored input.

Dreamwork sessions take place in person or over the telephone. Clients can schedule a session—or a series of sessions over several weeks—perhaps to explore a life issue using the language of a dream, to draw out an insight for a compelling concern.

Dreamwork sessions cost $80-125 sliding scale per hour; sessions generally last 60–90 minutes.

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“In my two years of dreamwork sessions with Patti, I have learned not only do my dreams speak to what’s happening in my life right now but also to the deepest longings of my heart and the underlying archetypes of my unique being. Her gentle, probing questions help me savor each dream image, often guiding me to explore things I’d barely thought worth mentioning. Her kind, intuitive, interactive approach reveals transformative insights, leading to inner shifts in my understanding of who I am.”—JAN ELVEE