The Face of Love ~ Euro Man

In real life when this dream came I was in a difficult situation with a person to whom I was very attached.  My feelings were not being reciprocated and I asked for a dream to show me the face of love so that I could better embody it.


I am a witness in this dream but I respond at times with my voice as if I am part of the audience.

In the dream a young eastern European guy is a performer, one of many who has a performance act — his is with a unique bicycle that he has built. 2 American friends, a man and a woman the same age, without explanation ask the eastern Euro guy what colors does he like and see himself in, in a potential outfit to perform in.  They want to help him make his performance the best it can be but they want it to be out of his energy, his preferences.  It takes s a while for him to understand the question.  The American guy keeps asking the question and refining it until the Euro guy says "Feather Pink, and Dusty Denim blue."  The American guy poofs away instantly and comes back to the room of the American girl.  The American girl is dressed beautifully in black and white, very clean lines. She has bought a can of white paint and poured it in her chair and sat down in it without getting it anywhere on her front.  The American guy has come in to show her the outfit he has made for the Euro guy—it includes a hat with streamers in pink blue and white, dusty denim pants and a Feather pink shirt.  I hear myself exclaim from the audience in the dream—"that is great, that is great!"  I feel as if I am in the arena of a big top seeing all these scenes from there. In minutes there will be the performance. I wake up.

The dream shows the face of human love.  To me, it shows that we are here in the world to reflect our fellow companions their own true faces.  And from our own creativity to gift these reflections in a selfless way for the sake of each others 'performances'. Euro man is from 'some place else'.  He has the rudimentary ingredients for a great and brilliant performance but his outer appearance is lacking in color.  In the dream he is dressed all in grayish green and his bike is also the same gray green.  But despite this his American friends can see his brilliance and his gifts.  Their contribution is to ask how he would like to to dress if he could—the colors he sees himself in, and he responds eventually in a very feminine, receptive and surprising way.  The American man friend goes immediately to his task of creating an outfit for him from Euro man's colors. It is a selfless and unpretentious act. The American woman seems to be waiting in her tent.  She is dressed very concisely and elegantly in Black and White.  Her pants are black.  She stands up and pours white paint into her chair and very delicately sits down in it.  What came to me from this step in the dream was that she was introducing light into her lower chakras.  And that was an important cue for me.  The lower chakras comprise our first and second chakras. The root chakra—how we come in, our family of origin, the way we relate to the world from our upbringing, including our core wounds. Our second chakra is our relationship chakra. To bring light into a chakra is to begin seeing through our highest self, our light instead of through our needs, wants and wounds.  There is nothing wrong with needs want or wounds but when we see through them we see through a filter of often what has been difficult or lacking in ourlives. How one does this is to explore the needs, wants and wounds that have influenced the way we relate in love and family.  This was my work.  The work did not change the outside response to me but it significantly showed me what I was actually made of.  I felt the constructs of all the needs I carried around reciprocated love move aside and I felt shooting up and out of me -- real love. This was a life changer.  It was not something I had really thought about previously and when it came up I felt very attached to my right to be loved in the way I wanted to be loved.  It was only in attending the origin of those attachments that I saw the attachment move aside on its own and felt the reality of being a loving human being come through me in a new way.