Patti Tronolone

Patti Tronolone is an artist, poet and healer. She has spent the last 20 years in Taos, New Mexico and Provincetown, Massachusetts. Patti recently relocated to her birthplace, Baltimore, Maryland where she has taken up her life anew.  As a young woman she began writing poetry while also pursuing a successful career as an art furniture maker, printmaker and painter.


 At 33 Patti began a lifelong exploration of Reiki, a refined energy healing practice, which led her into a focused study of dreams and how they might heal and guide our lives. Her knowledge of the teachings of Carl Jung, James Hillman and Robert A Johnson, as well as an intensive 10-year apprenticeship with a spiritual mentor, have all informed this practice.


 In her book, “A Secret Brightening”, Patti brings together all of the multi-layered elements of her talent, threading the worlds of painting, poetry, healing and dream interpretation, each discipline enriched and illuminated by the others. Her luminous and psychologically powerful landscapes stand side by side with the poetry of dreams and visions.  To experience these two art forms side by side is to travel into realms in which nature, dream and human experience join their bountiful powers.

Of her visual art and her life she says, "I have loved traveling and painting in new landscapes outdoors, where the eye becomes entrained with the air, the wind, the mist, the smells, the people, the very physicality of the earth—where the gap can be closed between outside and inside through paint."